Can I Send a Fax from My Android


Simple Answer: YES!

Imagine this situation, you received some paperwork from an insurance company or a hospital that you need to review, sign and fax back to the organization. You likely don't have a fax machine nearby, and you glance down at your phone. If you are like me, you know your Android can do lots of things, but you think to yourself "can I send a fax from my android phone"? Yes! Yes you can!

We've written about this topic and have broken it down into 3 simple steps:

  1. Download the Fax From Phone Android app
  2. Create your fax by scanning new documents with your camera or selecting existing documents
  3. Send your fax!

Check out our Fax From Android guide for more detailed steps to get you up and faxing with ease.

Ready To Send Faxes?

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