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Fax From Phone

Sending fax documents has never been so easy.

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Easy to Send

Take pictures of documents or select from existing doucments with the document picker.

Optional Cover Page

Use our built in cover page editor to craft a clean and simple cover page.

Easy to Receive

Easily add an optional cover page to your fax!

Document Detection

The app will automatically detect a document and optimize it for faxing.


Simple To Use

You may need to send a fax everyday, once a year, or somwhere in between.  Fax From Phone can support your fax load no matter the size!

Send A Fax

Use your smartphone’s camera to simply take pictures of documents and send them as faxes!

Receive A Fax

Coming soon!

Image Crop

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Document Capture

Use the camera on your mobile device to scan documents into your fax.

Cover Page

Built in cover page editor.  Simply toggle the swtich to add a clean cover page to your fax document.


View the status of your fax and stay up to date.


Utilize in app purchases to make it as simple as possible to send your fax documents.

Popular File Formats

Supports importing images and existing pdf documents into your fax.

Simple pricing.

Monthly (Coming Soon)

  • Your Own Dedicated Fax Number!
  • Send & Receive Faxes
  • Month to Month Subscription
  • No commitments


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Fax From Phone – Free App

The Fax From Phone app is a super easy way to send faxes from your phone.

Send a Fax from your iPhone or Android (coming soon)