How to Fax From iPhone


Our Apple iPhone’s can do pretty amazing things from ordering food to be directly delivered to your door, to hailing a Lyft or Uber to take you away to where you need to be. Of the many things that iPhone’s can do, the ability to untether communication and perform computing functions at the tips of our fingers has been one of the long lasting and greatest changes in our generation.

Quickly solving problems with various apps is one of the great features of iPhone apps. One problem, which on one hand seems quite legacy, but is still required and popular in many corporate verticals is faxing documents. One of the reasons we created the Fax From Phone app was to solve this very problem. Several industries such as healthcare, insurance and government still require many different types of documents to be faxed. Something you might think to yourself is, I know how to send a fax from a fax machine, but how to send a fax from iPhone?

To answer this, “How to Fax From iPhone” question, simply download Fax From Phone from the Apple App store. Once you have the app downloaded you can use our built in guest account which doesn’t require you to create an account or password to let you send faxes as soon as possible. Fax From Phone lets you accomplish the following:

  • Send a fax to 100’s of countries
  • Built in cover page creation
  • Scan documents or select existing documents
  • View fax status
  • Automatic Resend

The app walks you through sending your first fax. Simply enter the fax number (including area code if not sending to the US), scan a document using your iPhones camera, or select existing documents from your iPhone or cloud storage, optionally use the build in cover page editor, approve payment (just $0.99 for 1-10 pages) and tap send. Our cloud based software will send your fax just an a fax machine would. In the event a fax cannot be delivered, for example if the other end was busy, we will automatically retry to send the fax up to five times, and allowing you to manually resend the fax after that.

Based on these steps, how fax from iPhone can become a much easier task with a simple download and a few taps on your phones screen. The convenience of being able to send a fax from iPhone rather than driving around to an office supply store or shipping company to use their public fax machine is something that our fax app users tell us they really enjoy. No matter if you need to just send a fax once due to some out of the ordinary circumstance for you or if you frequently need to send faxes from your iPhone, we have shown how this can be made much easier.

The next time you are thinking how to send fax from iPhone, simply download Fax From Phone from the Apple App store.

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