How to Fax From Phone


With todays modern mobile phone and tablet technology, you can really do incredible things with that little device that is in your pocket or purse. Let's take a look at a a modern way to solve a task that you may find yourself bumping into.

Sending a Fax

You likely have a cell phone and you have explored may different apps that help make your life more enjoyable, solve common problems, or solve problems that you may encounter through out your life. Your phone can make calls (duh), send text messages and pictures, send emails, and receive push notifications all enabling you to stay up to date and in contact easily.

We created Fax From Phone to make it super easy to enable your mobile device to also be able to send a fax when you need to. Some people may only ever need to send a fax when a company or institution they work with requires some form of document or signature to be faxed and it is the only method that is allowed. Fax machines today may not be as common as they were some time ago, but some industries that you may not deal with on a regular basis still use them heavily for day to day business activities. Fax From Phone helps you easily send a fax from where ever you are located with your mobile phone.

Steps to send a fax from a mobile phone

  1. Download our app Fax From Phone, in the Apple App Store for iOS or Google Play Store for Android
  2. Enter your recipients fax number including country and area code (we can fax internationally too!)
  3. Create a simple and clean cover page if needed with our built in editor.
  4. Scan a document with your phone or tablets camera or select an existing document from your photos or files
  5. Preview the fax with the built in preview
  6. Simply pay $0.99 for 1-10 pages and send!

One of the best things about our fax app is that no account required to send a fax! That means you don't need to create another account or remember another password to use our app, just simply enter your information and send in just a couple minutes. Another one of our favorite features is that our fax from phone app will automatically resend your fax up to 5 times should the fax fail to send due to the other end being busy or some other communication error. Finally, we create the app to help people like you and me that just need to easily send a fax but don't have easy access to a fax machine. Fax From Phone is the modern way to send a fax.

Ready To Send Faxes?

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