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Do you need to send a fax from your Android phone and you don’t have access to a fax machine? Don’t worry! Read on to see how to get yourself out of this situation.

By default, Android phones don’t have software built in to send a fax. With that said, one of the best things you have probably noticed with your Android is all of the wonderful apps that you can download on the Google Play Store.

This has to be the easiest fax to send. It’s at your convenience and can send at any time from anywhere as long as your phone has reception. You have the option to create a cover page and attach a document which can be a screenshot. I don’t send faxes often but when I need to, glad to have this app on my phone. - Andre McCarthy, Fax From Phone user

How to Fax from Android in 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1 - Download our Android Fax App

Download Fax From Phone for Android and install it on your Android phone. This will only take a few seconds and will give you the capabilities to send faxes from your Android device.

Step 2 - Create your fax

Once you have the app downloaded, open 'Fax From Phone' on Android to send a fax. Tap the '+' floating action button at the bottom right of the home screen, or select 'Send Fax' from the bottom tab menu.

You will now be on the screen which allows you to compile your fax.

Enter the fax number you need your fax to go to, add a description if you would like, so that you can reference this fax in the app easier, and then add documents to your fax. When adding documents to your fax, you have the option to use your phone's camera to 'scan' in new documents, or select from existing photos or documents on your device or in a cloud storage account connected to your phone.

You have the ability to add an optional cover page should you need to include that.

Once you have your documents added, you can take advantage of the built in fax preview to ensure the fax contains the documents and the order that you need.

Step 3 - Send your fax

Now you are ready to send your fax! Sending faxes requires an in-app purchase for just $0.99/per 10 pages, which is about 90% cheaper than if you went to a local shipping center or office supply store. We also have the option to allow you to send a free fax from android. To send a free fax, simply take a few moments to answer surveys in the app to earn enough credits to send your fax.

You did it!

Congratulations, you are now equipped with the knowledge and tools to fax from android!

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