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According to WBF - legal, financial, and real estate are the top 3 industries in which paper is essential. Even though email, texting, voice, video, and physical delivery are top of mind when it comes to moving documents from one party to another, fax, and fax machines still reign supreme in these types of industries that heavily rely on paper.

Faxing documents still remains to be a secure method of transferring documents between parties. But what happens when you used to send faxes but now you or your company has primarily gone "digital" to save costs and reduce paper waste? Another interesting scenario we have found is that Gen(eration) Z'ers have likely never sent a fax.

A quick modern solution is to use the existing tools that you have and to send fax from phone. Many people today have smartphones or more commonly just "phones" in their pockets or purses that can do many, many things. These phones companies have opened up 3rd party developers to extend the functionality of these devices by writing applications or "apps" to use on the phone. For this scenario, you could simply download a fax app to send fax from phone.

In fact, if you are reading this now - you may be aware that we have solved this problem by created our own app called Fax From Phone which is available for both Apple iOS and Google Android.

Download our free app today and see how easy it is to send a fax from phone.

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